The first master mix / release candidate of the concluding song of the upcoming Devil Creations album. The song is extremely progressive and over 13 minutes in length... I call it a thrash metal symphony.


Let's hear what you think of the mixing & sounds! I'll comment yours!
gong. **** yes.

really cool ideas and great progression of ideas also.

you could try adding a bit more reverb in the second guitar at ~11:00 - give it a more a violin-esque sound and differentiate a bit more between the two tracks. i dunno, maybe it's just my speakers but at times they sound a little close (up until 11:50 or so).

intro into the solo at 9:00 is a little flubbed, but i get the feeling you've probably recorded it enough times and that the current take is good enough.

levels sound good (but what do i know?)

all in all it was ****ing awesome. put a smile on my face. i don't listen to thrash that often so when i do it's like seeing an old friend i haven't talked to in a while.

thanks for turning me on to death too, i got into cynic back when they released traced in air; it's always interesting to see the influences of artists that influenced me - one step closer to the source
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Never listened to them but I know I should!

Thanks for pointing out the gtr issues. I didn't find translation for "flubbed" but I'm guessing it's the same as "sloppy"? My solos are always like that because I'm lazy and simply not that good.
That's flucking good mate! Great job on the mix, and the guitar playing is just sick! I actually don't have any problem with this other than the drums, the snare kinda sounds funny at moments. Keep shredding man! Would love if you could check this out!
Pretty awesome song. Only problem I had with it were the drums sound a bit flat at times (mainly the snare) and maybe the bass could be louder, but other than that good job. Thanks for checking out my songs also.
Good job!

My only criticism is a subjective one, I think the drums sound very raw, in particular the snare. Aside from that I think it's all good