Just wondering what's the best technique for palm muting power cords.

To me logic says that the best technique, particularly if you want to palm mute power chords fast, is to alternate strum. However I've noticed that most guitarists seem to palm mute power chords by using only down strokes.

I've tried palm muting chords using alternate strumming, but seems quite tricky.
Usually the palm muted power chords are in a music style that screams for downstrokes. Downstroke it is...
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It's not that one is a better technique so much as they simply produce two different sounds.

What this guy said.

At least, when I mute the strings, I'm always downpicking, it's the way I learnt to do it.
It is worth learning to alternate pick while muting as well. For example all of the low e open stuff in between chords is for the most part palm muted with alternate picking.
Downpicked palm-mutes generally sound fatter and heavier and I think this difference is even more obvious in case of chords. However, alternate picked palm-mutes are great when doing it fast, creating a "machine gun" kind of sound.

Two good examples that come to my mind is Meshuggah "I Am Collossus", where the main riff is constantly downpicked only and seriously sounds like that damn collossus:

and Dream Theater "The Enemy Inside" with that chuggy transition after the intro (0:57). It's actually a single note, but I think this is a really good example of the sound:

It's really worth learning both I think and using either depending on which one sounds better and/or is more comfortable. It may seem tricky at first, but it becomes a habit over time (I remember myself struggling to properly "chug" a 2-string power chord, now doing it with 3-string chords is just automatic).

(Btw I'm talking from a metal perspective, I hope I'm not missing the point completely but I hope it's helpful)
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