I want something that is fairly versatile that I think I would probably keep in standard tuning since my other guitar is pretty much always in C standard. I play guitar solely as a hobby right now, mainly just covering songs, pretty much just QOTSA at the moment. I had wanted this guitar Gibson LPJ 2013 Goldtop since I first saw it and now its gone from all stores and I don't know what to do. I'm willing to spend up to $900, pretty much exclusively at Sweetwater because of free shipping, no tax and their free guitar set up. Now nothing really sticks out when looking, I still like the look of Les Paul's but most are out of my price range. So any suggestions?
Also I would be playing through my new Eleven rack.
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Look at some Hagstroms there are quite a few in your price range. I play a Gretsch Pro jet every day love that guitar it is a gold top. It is chambered and the pickups are black top filtrons which are quite nice bright humbuckers sound great clean but can take quite a bit of gain too if needed. I think it can cover QOTSA pretty good. The Scale length is 24.6 so it probably will not do drop tuning that well.

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If you like LP, try a Studio. All the tone with none of the fancy stuff. They do vary in feel and build quality so play several and pick your favorite. A Les Paul, Tele or a Strat can work in almost every situation if a player knows how to use them.
You could look on the used market? Hop on eBay or Craigslist or whatever you US citizens use to buy your instruments.
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I use an ESP LTD MH-103QM. It's only $350, very good guitar. It's got a quilted maple top with see thru blue. Very unique. The pickups are stock ESP's but they sound pretty good.
You might like the Fernandes Monterey, some of which are on clearance from Fernandes' online shop:


If you like actives, also consider the Spalted Maple version:

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