I've always wondered how people like James Hetfield play such fast and complex stuff with a guitar that's slung so low. I mean yeah I guess it's practice but out of curiosity I dropped my guitar lower than normal and I just found it impossible to play stuff that is normally no problem for me. Also my guitar is never all that high, it usually sits just a bit lower than if I was sitting down.

What do you guys do when playing standing up?
No one actually cares about the height of your guitar. Not really. People do it because they're used to it, because they started playing that way.

Personally I do very much the same as you, dropping it any lower than the position that allows you to play at your best is really dumb.
Low-slung is purely a fashion statement. If you need it for your schtick, use it. Otherwise find a position that promotes your best music.
I keep it at the same height when standing and when sitting. Why would I sacrifice playing ability to look "cool" to a bunch of 15 year olds?
If you sound good noone cares what you look like, if you sound shit then noone cares how cool you look.
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If you always play with your thumb way over and wrap your hand it actually works quite well, if you play with your thumb behind and open hand sometimes it's almost impossible. You'll notice the different style (Jimmy Page) the low slung players have. The thing is to keep the wrist fairly straight, so this makes the style different for different players. There are actually some advantages of getting a full hand grip when playing live, more contact for control and bends etc.
Also if you angle the guitar up a lot, helps with the behind stuff.

I prefer chest highish for my style though
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Its a fashion thing and looks cool for certain styles. To make it sound good and to get better at it you will have to devote some of your practise time to standing up with your strap as low as that. This is a good way to prepare for a gig if you are in a band that has that kind of image :-)
I have my guitar pretty low and yeah it's basically a fashion statement like another guy said but i've played it that way for so long that it feels weird anywhere else, it just takes time and you get used to it