Hi All,

I absolutely LOVE this effect. I have v3 (the 2 button version) and I simply wanted to hear from those that have the v4. (tone knob with trails) Is it worth upgrading? Are the new features really worth it?

-Major Bludd
Do you find yourself wishing you could mess with the tone? That's the big difference between them. Unless you get a stereo version. I have the stereo wet and I love it. You can download different types of reverb and even delay or chorus onto the pedal.

But yeah, if you find yourself wishing you could turn up or down the tone, look into the updated version. If not, it's the same base sound so I wouldn't bother swapping unless you went to a completely different pedal from a different maker.
If you find yourself wishing you could make your reverb brighter or darker then sure it's worth it, but honestly I've had the tone sitting at about 11:00 since I bought it and havn't touched it since.

Trails are nice if you tend to switch your reverb on/off mid song as it makes the change in sound less abrupt, but again if you tend to just leave your verb on then it's not really going to make any difference.
Yeah, I'll just leave it for now. It's my 'Brian Eno' pedal and I love it. The best 'verb out there, IMO.