Alright looking for some help with some DIY pedals I plan on making, not too savvy with this stuff. I plan on building an A/B selector pedal, A side for clean B side for distortion. Just tired of having to click through pedals when I quickly need to go from clean to heavy. I've already got schematics for the A/B pedal. What I'm stuck on is the outputs for each 'channel' pretty much I am looking for schematics for a box I guess you would call it that has 2 inputs into one output, then into my noise gate then to my amp, I was wondering if there would be feedback issue with one of the inputs going into the box trying to push sound into the other input instead of pushing straight to the output before the noise gate? Probably confusing.. Any advice would be awesome, is there a better way to do this. Am I stupid and there is a simpler way? Haha here is a diagram I drew to explain what I'm asking. Thanks guys.