Hey there,

first off i am waay new at playing guitar and i am using Rocksmith 2014 for learn it.

But i have some problems about tuning, i broke my e string (thin one) (it s high e, right?)
when tuning it.
Then i bought new strings they were 9 to 42 i guess. And restringed it myself through tutorial videos and rocksmith.

I got one thing, guitar's string tightness are loosing itself even we don't play it.

But almost everytime when i open rocksmith it s forwarding me to Tuning the guitar (E Standart tuning) And i am kinda afraid to tune e string, it got so much tension but rocksmith still tells me to tighten the string. And i am afraid to break off it again.

And this got high than before due tight strings i guess;


Should i worried? or go ahead for tuning?

Sorry for my bad english, i hope i could explain myself.
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You just have to tighten the string. I know it feels scary, but that is literaly the only way to tune it. If you broke one, you either had a bad string, or you tightened it up way to much. The strings should be able to take the strain anyway. Just tune it like it says you should and it should be fine. And even if you break a string or two, its not really a big deal. Strings get broken all the time.
Also worth noting it is probably falling out of tune because it needs to stretch out. The strings are going to feel pretty tight when they are new.
Make sure that you're tuning to the proper E and not to an octave ABOVE the E that you need. It should sound nearly identical to the fifth fret on the B string next to it, not a bunch higher. Your high E string is an E4 at about 329.6 Hz. Some tuners will show the octave (4) as well as the note (E). With time, you'll learn what it's supposed to sound like.