Hey guys,
So i bought a Roland Street Cube, which I recommend by the way, sweet sound for it's purpose and light portabillty, and I wanted to use it in the street along with my rc-30 loopstation. The thing is, I wanted to use the equilization and fx functions of the amp, with the looping function of the loopstation. How do I do this? I'm a confessed noob when it comes to gear, so all help is welcome. Thanks

Roland Street Cube: http://www.rolandus.com/products/details/900

BOSS Rc-30: http://looperpedalreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Boss-RC30-Rear-View.jpg
Plug your guitar into the looper and the looper into the amp? Or are you asking about something more specialized and I'm not getting it? If you just want to use the amp as an amp and looper as a looper, the only way to do it with that setup is just plugging them all after each other.
Yeah sorry I wasn't very clear...
I want to use a mic and an acoustic guitar. So the question is: how can I get the balanced/equalized sound (of both the mic and guitar) from the amp to pass through the loopstation, and then return to the amp to go out? The only way to connect the loop is to plug either the mic or the guitar to it, and then I would loose the equalization from the amp. It's a pretty tricky business..
You would wanna plug the mic and the guitar into the amp and put the RC-30 in the fx loop.
I have the same problem, as i want the loopstation to be after the amp in the signal chain, i guesst it would only work with the cube street ex which has a send output in the back.. the smaller models don't too bad . Or am i missing something?