This will be for his birthday (today Nov 7) Budget: 300.00 total for birthday. He's been playing electric for a couple of months, now he wants an acoustic. My friend is loaning me a Washburn EA26, and if we deciede we like it, we pay him. He quoted me the lowest ebay sold price minus 50.00 for a blem on the head. See photo's.

Unfortunately there's no EA26's on Ebay currently or sold, so off to the local shops for appraisals.

Anyone have a ballpark what it's worth?

My son is guitar crazed right now. He can't/won't put the guitar down. From the time he gets home to the time he goes to bed, it's the guitar. It's actually kind of a problem. Homework and chores are taking a back seat and we're trying to rectify it. But in the mean time, I don't mind supporting his new habit/hobby. He's self taught right now. I see no reason to buy lessons when he's got all the self motivation in the world to teach himself. The noise is starting to resemble music. I bought him a book/dvd to learn from, I have to remind him to hit the book instead of trying to copy a lick from a popular song, right now its all 60's-70's super bands, you know the ones.

So my question is:

Is this guitar suitable for him?

I'm thinking it will work for him. I don't mind getting quality if he's going to stick with it. The blem? Well it hopefully it will be the only blem, but if he dings it, it won't be the first blem and he's taking care of his first electric guitar so far. It's a 40.00 J.Renolds cheapy I got off CL, came with practice amp and cover. The guitar has no blems on it, looks brand new. So getting a decent acoustic is not out of the question.

Thanks, Dave
In addition to other suggestions, have a look at Recording King. They have a good reputation, and the design pays attention to detail, like resettable necks.
If it plays nice go for it, however I'd take him to your local GC/SamAsh and have him try out a bunch of acoustics, the ones in your price range and even the $1000 Martins. Acoustics play a lot differently from electrics imo so he might not be able to tell if your buddy's guitar is actually of quality.

I would go against the advice above of the LX1, only because he'd grow out of it. I got my first full sized guitar when I was maybe 9 years old and it seemed to work fine (even as a small child).

If you could find a used Martin DX1 (spruce top, NOT composite) it might be a little over budget, but it is a phenomenal guitar. I own a Martin DX1 and I feel comfortable saying it sounds better than most sub $1000 guitars, and it's more than enough to get a professional sound.

Regardless of the guitar have him pickup some Elixir .12 Phosphor Bronze strings, they last forever and sound amazing!