They are in the same price range.. but i dont know wich one is better.. can you tell me, or give me other suggestions
Both are good. The Eleven Rack's support seems to have dried up, though....

Buy used.

Even better, buy a used HD500. Less I/O than the Pro but uses the same exact software.
As someone who owned an Eleven Rack and now has a POD HD, I think the POD has superior metal tones, but I preferred the clean models on the Eleven a bit over the POD. The POD has far more sounds though, and they both do mid gain and crunch tones about the same, so really it's a bit of a toss up.

I went with the POD because you don't need Pro Tools to edit the sound on your computer like you do for the Eleven, which means I can buy used and still have full functionality. A lot of the time you can find the Eleven Rack used with Pro Tools, but even so the POD is a lot less hassle.
I second the POD HD500x idea.

Unless you need to record mic's with it.
If that's the case, then POD HD Pro be it.

Not knowing anything, I'd definitely choose a pod over an 11R.
One I tried didn't convince me at all.
The 11R is a more or less dead product walking.

The Pod Pro X is the better choice.

If you don't absolutely need rackability or some of the I/O features of the Pro X (and if you're not going to be plugging a Variax guitar into it), the Pod HD (bean) is smaller, cheaper, more portable and possibly makes more sense. The software is the same.
Having used both, I'd say that the 11R has slightly more realistic sounding amps and effects, but the Pod has FAR more options, especially in terms of routing.