Hey guys, I'm looking specifically for a pedal that will sound great with my amp. I'm even considering upgrading my guitar with new humbuckers to achieve a better sound. The pedal I tried first was the DS-1 Boss and it doesn't cut through very well; it just turns to mush. I want something with a little more edge on it and that just has an overall fuller body to it. Anyone here own a Vox and has already tried some pedals on it?
I second the Blues Driver, used it for years and it really cleans up well.

I've heard the Proco Rat makes a fantastic distortion for a Vox. Been itching to get one lately.

A lot of people out there suggest the Crowther Hot Cake and the Fulltone OCD.

Big Muffs and Tubescreamers are usually too muddy.

Just head to a gear shop and try these out, see what works for you.