Hi there! So i have gotten better at using my Evolution Electric Guitar VST. I can somewhat get the sound i want. I say somewhat because im trying to get a Pop Punk kind of sound with the guitar but i just cant get it.

I am trying to get a sound like this http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/ls/Pop-Punk-Lesson/

But no matter what i do i just cant achieve it. What i do is i load up my EEG on its clean setting. (no effects) and i use Amplitube 3 as the amp,overdrive,etc.
Ive used Marshall JCM slash, tweaked the treble mid and etc, tried with overdrive distortion and more. But i cant get that sound :/ I made the tone of the guitar to drop D and ive basically done all i can think of.

I am still a newbie so im sure im missing something or miss configuring something.
Any help on what amps,distortion,or just settings in general i can use/should use to get this sound would be very much appreciated!

Here is the closest i have gotten to that sound: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/14tbbbyxb940tbk/Pop+Punk.wav

I feel like this a really just a lack of experience thing. So i really hope someone can help me with my dilemma c:
well, it's gonna be tough to get that sound with a vst instrument...
if you're just dissatisfied with the sound of the amp, try the "Modern Tube Lead" amp model on the "Clear Drive" preset (basically a Rectifier in Vintage Mode) and set the power amp tubes to either EL34s or EL84s. You can also try mixing it with a Marshall (aka "British Tube Lead").
You'll probably get more responses in the recording section but I'll take a stab since I had AT3 for a while.

The thing with amplitube is the cabinet models are garbage for the most part and make the guitar tones sound like ass. What you need to do is use seperate cabinet impulses that you can get for free online and use those. Only problem with that is you can't load impulses into amplitube so you'd have to load up AT3 + a cab emulator in a DAW and turn off AT3s cab emulation so you can get it sounding good.

Cab impulses are basically soundfiles made to replicate how certain cabinets and mic situations work together (for example you can get impulses that will be like: 'V30 + SM57 1in grill on axis' which means its an impulse of a celestion V30 with a shure SM57 microphone 1 inch away from the grill) A big part of making those computer tones sounding good is a great sounding impulse. So if you're just using the AT3 ones, you'll always be lacking.

If you want to stick to amplitube though, use the Orange 4x12 cabinet. That's really the only one I found okay. Possibly try EQing your shit too.
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Okay! Thank you all very much c: I shall look into many of these things and i suppose repost this in the recording section as well.
Okay. So ive took some advice of people off the forums. I got a diffrent cabinet then the one Amplitube provides. and double tracked my guitar. But i still cant get that pop punk sound :/ What am i missing? Here is what i have currently

My Punk Sound: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/k6hdfx4cmyonrpd/gitty+j_3.wav

The Punk Sound im trying to get: http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/ls/Pop-Punk-Lesson/
You're missing a real guitar xD

(No srsly get a real guitar. VST guitars sound like shit.)