Track: Shut Up Band: Savages Ref point: 0:57

Hi, I'm not sure whether this is a technique or whether its a filter or an effect triggered by a pedal (yes, I'm pretty clueless). It sounds like muted strings but I can't get anywhere near this sound if I try to mute/dampen the strings.

I've heard this sound a number of times but bit is most apparent on the track 'Shut Up' by Savages. It comes in at 0:57. It's available to listen to on Spotify.

If anyone has time to listen and give me some advice, I would be exceptionally grateful. Many thanks,
No, it's not the bass. That's a different version of the album track. In your version the guitar comes in at 1:22, although it has a slightly different feel to that on the album track.
Thanks for the response.
Are you talking about the effect similar to the guitar at the beginning of The Offspring's
"The Kids Aren't Alright",

Yes, that's it. Do you know how that was created?
Quote by Will Lane
Light palm mute, craggy distortion, minimal sustain.

Thanks for that. Will give it a try.
Put the heel of your picking hand directly on top of the bridge and experiment with different positions until you get just enough to slightly mute it but not muffle it altogether.