cool song.

you've got the noise-rock thing down! a few areas for improvement though. the lead at about :015 is a little jarring, it could be lower in the mix (or washed-out/reverbed or something) . 1:49 could be made stronger by incorporating keys into the preceding section (maybe try doubling the lead guitar lines with the piano, so as not to throw a completely new instrument into the mix half-way through the song). you could have gone with a little lower gain on the rhythm guitars - too much distortion actually obscures whats going on instead of adds to it. vox in the chorus seem a little bit forced/weak/under-supported, although i guess it could be argued that that technical flaws support the lyrical content...

all in all, i like what you've done here. it's entirely listenable and an interesting song at that in its current form. good job.

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