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I'm considering buying one of these MIDI Foot Controllers, for my Boss GT-PRO rackunit. I've found the Behringer FCB1010, how's this product?? Well, I know it's Behringer, but it seems like a lot of people like this product and that it works really great with whatever product you connect it to.

All I really want this MIDI Controller to do is to be able to switch between patches, banks, turn effects on/off on presets, so that I can create a lot of presets for cover dongs and then be able to fx. turn on/off a chorus, OD/DS, EQ and so on.

Quote by PedalFreak94
how's this product?? Well, I know it's Behringer
It isn't designed to process or reproduce sound, so the fact that it's a behringer product won't be much a concern here.

It's reliable, it has options, and it works.

That's what you need for guitar midi rack units if ya ask me.
Idiot's Guide To The FCB1010:

The Behringer is more or less a dead-ringer copy of the original Roland FC-200 that was OEM gear for the GT-Pro. Should be fine.