I have between £400-500 to get a new amp for Christmas.
I am currently playing through a fender mustang iii with a boss me 70 pedal board. My two main guitars are a fender Baja tele and a gretsch g5422tdc hollowbody.
Play various types of music but a lot of indie/ indie rock e.g. the smiths , Arctic monkeys, The Vaccines etc.
Was looking at a vox ac15c1 and seems like a good choice. Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on this amp or any other kind suitable got me. Will get a chance to try out a few amps next week but just want a bit of info before I go in.
Needed for home practise and band practise. Thanks in advance
I'd say the Vox AC15 with Greenbacks would be a great choice.
+1 Vox AC15 but if great cleans are a necessity at band volumes, the AC15 probably isn't going to work well. If you can deal with a little hair on the cleans then it will be fine.

The Laney VC30 is also worth a look
Up for the AC15 suggestion, possibly with a new speaker, say a Jensen p12q, and possibly with a TS style pedal as well.
The Smiths are pretty clean, so yeah you may want to look into the AC30. If you play with lower output single coils, then that'll help with the headroom a little. The Artic Monkeys however will work nicely with the AC15.
baja teles don't really have low output IIRC the have a twisted tele and a broadcaster. if you dial the volume back you may be able to get a grittyish clean, but it would work.
yeah I got a Vox too. it's a win, I prefer it over the fender I used to own. Make sure you look at the speakers before you buy one though, some ACs have different speakers in them. I think mine has Celestions.