Hey all
I have an american strandard strat with the wiring the same as on page 4 here http://support.fender.com/service_diagrams/stratocaster/011-3000A_SISD.pdf

I replaced the stock pickups with fender CS69's which are great, and everything was fine until recently when I changed the pickguard and touched up some of the pickup wiring whilst the guard was removed. Now when I roll off tone knob #2 (closest to output jack), it seems to cut volume from the middle pickup. I checked the pots with a DMM and everything seemed okay, is it possible that I fried the 0.22 cap somehow?

I have stared at all the solder joints for a long time and cannot see any issues. The five-way switch seemed a bit dodgy but unlikely to be causing the problem.

Just to clarify, both tone knobs work fine in all pickup selector positions, but when set to middle only, tone 2 cuts volume from the middle pickup.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am a mechanical engineer, thus my electrical knowledge is ahhhh.... pretty much nil.
Photos. I particularly want to see what you touched.
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Quote by 7thString
I am a mechanical engineer, thus my electrical knowledge is ahhhh.... pretty much nil.

Don't worry about it. Part time ME student here. As long as people think you know what you're talking about, you're set.
not 100% relevant to the thrad,, (but is a good reminder) but pots (variable resistors) do NOT make things loud. max is it. they just increase resistance (making it quieter) and lowering output of the jack.
Thanks for the responses guys. I opened it back up to take pics, and then ended up just doing this http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~online/nocaster/blhendrixstratwiring.jpg
and everything works as it should now. Very happy with the result, especially the all 3 pickups sound. Worth a try for any strat players