Hi guys
Met a fellow metal guitarist thursday night who says he uses a Laney Ironheart rack unit for gigs? I have never heard one of these in person so I can't judge however I understand they're only 15w max so I have my doubts? He says the lack of volume is compensated through the PA but even so... I know these amps have lots of special tricks up their sleeves with boost buttons etc but still unsure? Has anyone else seen or heard this possible?
I did also wonder if it would sound ok to run out of the racks headphone/di jack socket into a seperate power for extra volume?
Your thoughts please anyone?
If the gig is miced you can even use a small practice amp and be loud enough. Its the 1200W PA amp that does the work here. Also just while ago I watched a video on youtube of a person reviewing the 15w studio rack/head and said its loud enough for his rehearsal practices.
It’ll be fine as long as you only play venues with a PA system. I had a neighbor in NYC who kept his entire rig in a rack with a carrying strap so he could take cabs to gigs.