Hey guys and gals, I am no stranger to pretty weird or disturbing dreams and lately a I have been wondering if there is any way (any at least partially SCIENTIFICALLY proven way) to interpret them? I don't mean any hocus-pocus astrology, but something that is serious. Is there any book/website that is actually worth looking at? Thank you
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People can find different interpretations in literally anything. It's part of nature.

Whether or not you think it's worth consideration is personal.
I can post one of my dreams I recorded for someone to analyse but it's really weird and strange.
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Psychology is a soft science, and there are some branches that do focus on dream interpretation. Mainly Freud and Jung schools, so if you want to give it a try.
My intro to psychology professor (Ph.D. from Columbia University) told us that dreams are a bunch of nonsense. It's just a series of images and our brains try to make sense of it. Since we can't remember them unless recorded immediately after (even then, accuracy is an issue), our own biases shape the way they're remembered that lead us to interpret them however we might want to do so.
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jacques lacan (lecturer to ph.d. students at columbia) told us that dream interpretation is a process whereby the meaning comes in to being after the fact, once we suppose that the meaning is known somewhere.

to require that dream interpretation reveal some sort of "objective" meaning is to suppose that the dream is a message from another realm, mysteriously scrambled and sent to you when you sleep; that the dream is wholly other to you.

That's close to what my professor had told me, I wouldn't be surprised to know that this Lacan had been her instructor.

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j"it's just a series of images and our brains try to make sense of it." is this not true of everything we perceive?

I said it out of context, whoops. We often think that dreams play out like films and we're meant to follow a narrative/storyline.

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i am confused about what nonsense is. can you explain it to me?

"Nonsense" is just me oversimplifying what I meant to say, again. What I meant was that she taught us that dreams are practically meaningless, just your brain reinforcing what has crossed your mind that day, whatever person/thing/idea your brain associates with the images you see in your dreams, etc. as opposed o the Freudian idea that it's a representation of your unconscious.

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