I'm listening to a song, the gears by dethklok.
I really like the melody of it so I want to try to imitate it somewhat on the piano. But I only took one year of music theory lessons and I cant play by ear so I want to know what key the song is in to now the general chords of the melody.
The guitar tabs say its c standard tuning. But what does that mean? Is c standard c major? C minor?
If a guitar is in C standard, it just means that the guitar strings are tuned to C F Bb Eb G C.
I'm going to assume you've never played guitar before. The tuning does not dictate what key a song is in. A guitar in C standard is tuned from low to high, C F Bb Eb G C. A song can be C standard and still be in another key. Most metal bands however do use the lowest note on their guitar (the open note on the lowest string) as the key of their song, and much the same with Dethklok, so the song may very well be in C minor.