I already gave you a mini-crit in the Skype group but I'll write some stuff here too, just because.

The intro is alright, but man, that key change at 6 got me so hyped up - and all for naught. I was expecting bar 6 to be a little catchier, simpler, with a straight 4/4 beat. I think the key change would be more effective that way. Then again, it's all personal preference. It seems like you were going for a more airy vibe (which is expected, due to the song name I guess).

Bar 17 is cool as ****. I can definitely hear the "magnetism" here. Change to 4/4 towards the end was pretty seamless, smooth.

Bar 32, really impressive. I've noticed you've gotten a lot better at key changes and avoiding unnecessary dissonance with complex chords.

Bar 54, like I said in the Skype group, reminds me of Animals as Leaders.

Bar 62 was a bit underwhelming, after that intense tremolo picking. Felt like it was building up to something but that something never happened. I'm thinking you should add a cool, technical riff between the sections at 54 and 62. Or maybe even a solo! That'd sound sick.

This isn't done yet, is it? If not, hurry up and finish it.
I've been listening to this a lot for the past day, love it.

The intro is cool and gives some kind of weird and quirky prog vibe right away.

Bar 32, wow, this sounds so amazing.

Bar 54 love the Rhodes and intensity of this part.

Bar 62 I second RedDeath9 suggestion

Very impressive, one of the best I've heard around here for me.

Wish I could compose stuff like this someday.