Hey guys,
I have the opportunity to get a 90's lawsuit esp ltd flying v. It needs some work, it is stamped used on the back of the headstock, the screws that hold the tuneomatic bridge in place are not straight (tilted toward the neck) and the string are not perfectly aligned (low e string is to close to the edge of the neck on the higher frets that the highe string). It is usable but I don't know how much work or money I would have to put into it. I read that they are rare and I can't find a lot (if any) info on them. The guy wants my rocktron utopia g100 and $50. How rare are those guitars? Anybody knows the actual value? Is it worth it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Pre-lawsuit/lawsuit guitars are from the 70's, ESP was not making guitars then. What you have is just a rundown beat-up LTD from the 90's. nothing special at all.
Unless you really want it, I'd pass. If you know how to fix what is wrong then go for it
robs right the guy is bullshitting you big time. if it is an ESP that is Japanese made then it might be worth something but if it is a ESP/LTD then it's not worth bothering with considering the issues it has. a stamp that say used is odd and not a factory thing at all.
Not sure how much you have into your Rocktron Unit, but just FYI those 90s LTDs that resembled closer to Gibsons before ESP was forced to change them do have some rarity. Ive been looking for a white LTD EXP-200 and havent had any luck. If it was me and i had some cash kicking around id offer him $150-200 with the work it needs, its really not that big of a job to have a cool guitar like that. I doubt itll ever be worth a ton in value down the road but still a cool piece for the collection.