so i wrote a song and it's missing a solo , but i'm not a soloiste i'd really appreciate it if you guys help THANKS in advance
here's a guitar pro file for the solo part :
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Why is it in 8/4?

What style? What skill level are you? (so you can actually play it)

well i'm a actually a beginner so , insert an easy solo if you may.
Thanks for your reply bro
This is actually something I'm stuck with (sorry I cant offer any solo advice) how can I actually construct a solo? At the moment I need one for a VERY basic for a 12 bar blues in A, so its aaaa,dd,aa,ed,ae using just a basic power chord shape which is open a string, 2nd fret of d, 2 strum, open a 4th fret of d. just playing the 2 strings. and moving that across for the E and D also. But how can I actually construct a solo, do I just play some notes from the e, a and d scales? I don't really understand how to do it! This should probably be a post of my own but any answers will help me and give Amine017 the basics of constructing it.