Hi all, I recently played an SG at my local guitar shop, which from what I've read is an All American SG 1. I couldn't pull the trigger on the guitar at the time, and it sold recently. I really like the neck it has, very thick. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if there were any SG Standard models that have the same neck profile? I really prefer the double humbuckers and full pick guard, but I did like how the All American sounded, having played it a few times. If no SG Standard was made with the same neck, I would like to watch the internet for another All American to become available (preferably near me so that I can play it before buying). Thanks.
Derek Trucks SG
Standard RI
50's Tribute (P90's)
Kirk Douglas Les Paul Custom (3pup SG)

These are all the Thick neck SGs I can think of ATM. Not all are currently in production but their all very nice imho.
The neck on my '73 is almost as thick as my '58 RI Les Paul.

They can vary pretty wildly.