Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category...

But i need a song that i could play fairly easily with a backing track, I'm open to all styles. I've played Thunderhorse by Dethklok, Classico by Tenacious D and Orion by Metallica already so something around that sort of difficulty would be great.

I have to perform next monday and i haven't even started yet, any help appreciated
1. If you have to perform next Monday and you haven't even started yet, you're pretty much screwed unless you go with a song well below your level.
2. This forum already has a dedicated "suggest a song thread" here.
3. My suggestion would be something like YYZ by Rush. But then again, you saying you can play this and that means pretty much nothing to us until we hear it. Being able to messily muddle through something with some mistakes is one thing. Being able to play something cleanly, accurately, and in time; that's something else entirely.