I listened the first four songs. The style isn't exactly my cup of tea but man, the mixing is extremely clear. You really can't miss a note in there. Everything sounds pro and well played. More solos/melodies, like the end part of Soul Intoxication would've been nice.

The guitar sounds like it's lacking sustain in some parts but I guess it's part of the sound and you know what you are doing.

Also props for getting the bass synth loud, as it is now (I've often had problems with loud bass in mastering phase)!

Wanna review my instrumental?
Thank you listening & reviewing my tunes! Now your music. "Mechanized Horror" (did I mention I'm a mechanical engineer?): audio quality is good. Playing is tight. Some of the drums are reminiscent of machine guns. Pretty bizarre. I wouldn't say it is very melodic, but I don't think it is supposed to be. It seems a lot of work went into this. Quite good for the genre, I think this would work in a movie. "Wark Street": similar drums to the previous song (good), similar good audio quality. Glad there are no vocals (other than sound effects) in these 2 songs, because I realize growling/screaming would probably be the style and I don't like that style of vocals. I liked the previous song better, because this one conjures up images (in my mind) of school children being mowed down with a machine gun.
Hey man, thanks for the comment. I really like the initial impact that this music had- it's definitely a cool niche you've found in the metal genre. Industrial, in general, tends to simplify the guitar playing (Ministry, Rob Zombie, KMFDM) but having that mechanized, tech-death blend is definitely interesting. A lot of these bands sound very processed and "fake", but to purposefully create a digitalized horror like this is exciting. I was also very impressed with the quality of the recording (not to mention the artwork you created).

To increase engagement, I think vocals would go a long way. I'm having trouble imagining what the best fit would be, but something cliche would diminish the impact of the music. Something mechanical but aggressive - like the music.