A long while back, a friend was trying to get me to upgrade my pickups or to just get a custom guitar..etc... He showed me a website that had pretty much every conceivable pickup that is out there and had multiple audio samples for each pup going through a few genres and what not. It was a VERY well done professional site, I just can't remember what the name/url of this site is at all any more, nor can I find it via google.

Anyone have any idea what this site is? Or if it even exists anymore? (I'm willing to bet it does... it was probably the most professionally put together site for this kind of thing out there...

Sorry if I'm being too vague here, but I would LOVE to have access to that site again so I don't have to scroll through multiple pages trying to decide, and you know how the official sites are... 1 pickup, on 1 guitar, through one amp/cab... no variety you know? This site had huge variety for each pickup if I remember correctly.

One could also purchase directly from that site if I remember correctly.


Thanks for the input so far you 2, but I think I remembered a little more.

While I want to say it encompassed all major brands, it might actually have been one brand that can replace almost all types of pickups from other brands... then again, I'm foggy on the issue. Heh. Sorry if I'm not much help, but any help here in finding this site would be quite helpful for me, thanks for any time spent .

And no, not SD, they are good from what I hear, but that's not the site at all, nor the brand.
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Edited the original post but thought I would add, thanks for the help so far ...(shameless bump I guess)
It sounds like you're looking for a retailer of a variety of brands, not a single manufacturer's site.

Have you any idea what country it was in? As in, do you remember what the default currency for the prices was?

In the interim, have you looked at Sweetwater and STEWMAC?
Hmm, thing is, maybe they didn't sell them lol... memory's more fuzzy than a heroine addict's ... at this point regardless of if they sold them there or not, I do remember they had audio files to listen to of each pickup...