i will throw you for a loop/ demos no pics. haha. maybe some later.

for reference that is from a proctavia>Zendrive>Malekko 616>orange dual terror on tiny terror channel at 15 watts.

i am still learning i have had it for two weeks now. i really like the 2i4 Focusrite. its built like tank. nothing to worry about falling apart here.

i like that the inputs have a light surrounding to show clipping, set it at the end of green and you are right where you need to be.

its very economical IMO. i have my speakers connected on TRS jacks two 9" cables so i don't have a mess.

its midi capable for my synth or digital piano (which also has midi abilities).

it is extremely quiet. edit the interface not the song below.


it doesnt start for five seconds. its a single take first shot melody, i really just find that i may build around it for a track or song. also i have finally found a way to make the proctavia sound good and extremely usable.
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****. i don't really know how to make it public, but i wil try