Hey everyone, I've been hearing good things about schecter guitars, so thought I would have a look. I am now utterly confused by their models.

The majority look like superstrats. So what on earth is the difference between an Omen, blackjack, hellraiser, and so on? And what is their top range guitars, and what is bottom?

Sorry if this has been answered before, but Im very confused.

Thanks for your help, Conan.
There are dozens and dozens of threads on this very topic on UG. Use the searchbar.

I wish UG made common questions such as, "What's the difference between a Gibson and an Epiphone?" or,"What's the difference between all the Schecter models?" etc. their own sticky to cut down on the number of threads on exactly the same topic. But that would make too much sense.
Sorry man, I made the thread for two reasons, one was to find the answer, and another was because I wanted to talk to someone. I'l have a search.

EDIT: I just typed in schecter models, and nothing of the sort come up.
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Also typed in Schecter differences, and there are some threads asking between two different models, but not explaining what I asked.
The Damien and Omen are the cheapest models and have bolt-on necks, the Hellraiser has EMG's and the Blackjack has Duncan actives in them and both have set necks.
Thanks Robbgnarly. Is the hellraiser schecters premium model?

Also, I noticed some of the cheaper models have floyd rose specials, are these any good or should you stay away?

Speaking of active pickups, what are they like through a Line 6 Spider IV? As I am stuck with that for a little while till I get my new amp, and have heard actives are not the best on solid state, but I might be misinformed.
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There is more to the Schecter line of guitars than what Robb mentioned, but it answers your basic question. Another thing of note is that the Extreme models on the cheaper guitars (such as the Omen Extreme) have aesthetic differences for the most part, but Extreme versions of the Hellraiser for example have different neck construction compared to the standard model Hellraiser.

Floyd Rose Specials are okay, but not the best. Supposedly better than most Licensed floyds, but hat doesn't say much. The baseplate material is hardened steel from my understanding, but the rest of the components are zinc alloy. Probably ZAMAC.

I'd only get a Floyd if you really, really want one and with the understanding that floyds take a lot more time to set up, and cannot hold tune with double bends.

Personally I don't think anything regarding pickups is that relevant when you've only got a Spider IV to run the guitar through. I don't think the statement that active pickups are awful through SS amps is entirely untrue, but it's very dependent on what SS amp you're using. If an active pickup clips the preamp due to it's output, it would do exactly the same for a high-output passive. So the problem isn't really the pickups; it's the amp.
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Thanks T00DEEPBLUE, I do really want a floyd, as I already have a superstrat style guitar, but its hard tail, so would like a floyd now. I know floyds can be a bit of a pain.

Fair enough, the amp won't be a problem for long though. To be honest I will probably buy the new amp first before a guitar, I would say it is more of a priority.
I suggest going to musicians friend and checking out the differences in the models there. The Damien and Omen are cheaper models as was said. The blackjack and hellrasier are similar. The Blackjack comes in an SLS series which has a much thinner neck than your normal hellraiser.
You're on the internet; is checking out the Schecter website that hard?
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Here we go again....

Hellraiser, Blackjack, Omen, etc. DO NOT refer to model (shape) names. They are line names. Lines are defined by certain shared features, usually pickups, finish options, fret inlays, construction style, so on. Each line is usually available in at least a couple different body shapes.

Schecter's shape names are "C-1", which is the superstrat (also C-7, C-8 or C-9 for versions with more strings, and the new C-6, which is a 6 string, but with a more contoured body than the regular C-1 superstrat), Solo-6, which is the LP style body with an offset to the curves, Solo-II, which is a straight LP copy, Tempest (the weird one), Avenger (the Synyster Gates guitar, although they've been making it since long before he was around), and the PT, which is a Telecaster copy. There's also a couple Retro style shapes, the Corsair and the Ultra. And whenever they do a straight up Stratocaster shape, they call the "Traditional".
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Quote by conanwarrior
Thanks Robbgnarly. Is the hellraiser schecters premium model?

The Hellraiser is one of their highest-end production (Diamond Series) models. If you want "premium", they do have a whole other series, the USA Production series, which are US Made, semi-custom instruments, and mostly $2000+. And their "Masterworks" program, which is 100% hand made, no CNC machines, and built to literally any shape and spec you want.
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You're on the internet; is checking out the Schecter website that hard?

As I replied earlier, I asked the question as I also wanted to talk to people.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful answers.
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the_bi99man explained it very well. Each line usually has some important common points, e.g. the Blackjack series is all Seymour Duncan pickups while the Hellraisers are all EMG. And yes, as far as I know from their main lines Hellraiser and Blackjack are the higher end.

Their system might seem a bit confusing at first but I found it incredibly logical and useful over time - once you get the basic idea what each series are like you know easily which ones are worth keeping an eye on (for your tastes). Much easier than Ibanez and their RGITADADFSJJKDSKCJ2329146 :P
Schectner is very confusing.Especially after going to thier web site.I was looking for thier upper end stuff,,and figured based on price it must be the hellraiser.But i can find the hellraiser with passive or acive p/u s.Same is true for almost all of thier models.I finally bought a c-1-platinum-fr-sustainiac,,,,,which on the neck,,still says its a diamond sieries.Hummmm.The hellraiser,,,extreme,,omen,,,ect,ect,,,seems to be mostly aestitics.Biggest diff i can see is the hellraiser has a third knob with a.coil split,,while the other have olny two.There is more but post is running long.
I freakin love my c-1/platinum/fr/diamond sieries/sustainiac/
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Speaking of active pickups, what are they like through a Line 6 Spider IV? As I am stuck with that for a little while till I get my new amp, and have heard actives are not the best on solid state, but I might be misinformed.

I think A) it doesn't depend so much on the amp. I don't like EMG-81's a lot, on both solid state and valve. Maybe a valve amp's "warmth" makes up a bit for the pickup's clinical feel? It certainly sounds a lot better on my valve amp than on my SS, but that said, all my guitars do.

And B) I don't think you can say such a thing about active pickups in general. I haven't played Seymour Duncan actives yet, but I heard people say there's a great difference, and that not every active pickup is like an EMG-81.