Hey guys, I've just remixed a song of mine. Would love your opinions on it, since I consider myself an amateur when it comes to mixing, and strive to improve like many of you!
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Snare and BD need to be louder in proportion to other drums. Gtr sounds good and it's well played. I'd get rid of the synths (personal preference might be involved).

For some reason I thought some ambience gtr tracks (similar to the Sad But True chorus thing) would be nice in the background in the verse parts.
Based on the tempo and tone of the first guitars, I was pleasantly surprised by the aggressive drum beat that came in. I also really like the synths, personally, I think they add a unique dimension. The riff at 2:00 is pretty awesome, as well.

I'm not experienced with mixing, so I can't really comment. I guess my one criticism would be that the drums sound very punchy but a bit too plastic. That could just be my personal taste, though. Overall, good track!
In the intro there is a bit of noise from strings note being muted correctly. I didn't like the sound of the drums. Some basic riffs but I like how it progresses. The synths are nice but you should make more use of them. Yes, they are like spot effects but my opinion is make it a full instrument or leave it. You said you remixed it? What did you change?
There are a few timing issues, the two guitars don't seem in time, most obviously from around 0:20 onwards. The drums should be punchier and louder relatively to the guitars too.

I think it's a good platform to progress on, especially in terms of the riffage. I like the way the synth comes in. I think the second half of the song doesn't really work with the first. I like the second half a lot more than the first half. The timing, the phrasing etc is much much better. This comes across as though it's meant to be progressive, but I feel like they should be two separate songs. Or, work on making them gel. Perhaps vocals could be that bridge between the two sections?

In terms of mixing I would work on making sure that the timing is spot on. Track multiple takes and get good at working on making the final product be at good as possible. I would imagine that the guitars are louder than the drums because the drums are clipping at quick a low level? If that is the case, bring the whole mix down so that it's even.

Hope this helps!
Thank you all very much! You gave me a lot of food for thought!

kyladie - I don't really bother with recording clean guitars, that's kind of my weaker side, I'm more into one note stuff, but I tried some stuff out and it sounded good, so thanks for that! I'm not sure if I'll keep it though.

relowe - Yeah, I'm not that experienced with proper drum mixing, I'll look into that a lot more now!

13Trivium13 - I wasn't actually sure whether to add them at all, but I think that's how they should be as they enrich what's already there. I'll try to add them all over the place and see how that turns out, thanks! Edit: on what I changed, I lowered the volume of the bass and played with the drums, they were louder before I did that and had a different eq, might have sounded better actually..

Mephaphil - Thank you for the lenghty post my friend! Yeah, I kept my first take because I was a lazy ass, the whole thing should be properly recorded, and I'll make sure I do that. I get that a lot, about ideas not working with one another. Guess I just like that, because to be honest it doesn't bother me at all, I think it's cool. But I get your point, I have planned to record lead guitars all over it, maybe play with the composition and the final product will look very different. I also mix on headphones, they're very good sound-wise but it can be deceiving, especially with the bass. BTW, this isn't even mastered, maybe I should use a maximizer?
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