Wampler Plextortion high gain Marshall-in-a-box distortion pedal

The item condition is close to being like new, except for the bottom plate, which shows a bit of wear (as seen in the photo). It hasn't been used much. It comes with the original box with everything that originally comes with it (a sticker, a patch cord, a sack and so on).

Photos: http://s995.photobucket.com/user/tufffta/library/Plextortion

The item will be shipped by registered priority airmail (with a tracking number).

Price: 100 GBP + 9.99 GBP shipping within EU or 14.99 GBP shipping outside the EU.

I'm registered on ebay with a 100% positive feedback (username andrewramone; I can give a link to my account via PM because posting links to eBay is not allowed in this section o UG)