I've seen a few different "short scale" or travel guitars and was wondering what was the best one as far as playability? Steinberger guitars have a full neck which would be nice, but not sure if they are enough smaller over a normal electric. And I have seen the Traveler brand ones, but not sure how comfortable they would be to play. Any input would be appreciated.
Several ways around this.

The Carvin Holdsworth Headless actually has a full 25.5" scale (longer than an LP's) in a 31" total overall length. Highly playable, 5.1 lbs, gorgeous workmanship. It's not designed as a travel guitar, but can easily function as one. http://www.carvinguitars.com/catalog/guitars/hh2

The Voyagair travel guitars actually fold http://www.voyageairguitar.com/ , are full-size electric AND acoustic, and are probably the best i've seen.
I also would go for a Voyageair if I was looking for a decent travel guitar. They were designed and originally built by Harvey Leach, one of the top US luthiers and inlayers. They have been around for years, and seem to have a growing niche in the market. Apart from anything else I love the look and specs of the 2*P90 TransAxe, never mind the travel bit.
I struggled with the question of getting a travel guitar some time ago and opted for a full sized electric that would need a good travel case instead. Sticking a guitar into a gig bag and throwing it into an overhead where people jam their carry-ons didn't give me a warm fuzzy.
Not sure about the USA but here in Canada WestJet and Air Canada are strictly enforcing the carry-on size which does not include any allowance for "travel"sized guitars. This in response to increased luggage fairs and attempts by a-holes to pass their luggage off as "carry -on".