Hey guys.
I'm rattled, heads wrecked, considering breaking some things.

Heres my problem. I have this chorus I wrote, and I simply can't fit it with any sort of a verse/bridge I come up with. The only way I can describe it, is a 'Start-Stop' chorus.
I'm not sure if that makes any sense, so the best example I can find is;
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPyqX_oVLV8 .
(see the way the verses have a lot of like..Flow? and then the chorus's are like 'Dun Dun Dun...*rest* ... Dun dun dun... *rest* ... etc)

For the theory heads, the progression goes A - F - G. (Power chords. If this seems to be a theory problem please let me know, I can't say I have much knowledge.)
So what i'm trying to say is, I play the A for say..2 beats..then Thees a rest of beats..then the F for 2..and the G for 2. Rinse and repeat.

This "rest" im putting in seems to stop all energy in the song as soon as the chorus hits, so I was wondering how I turn the tables, and make the chorus (those strums in particular) seem more energetic and punchy, quickly identifying the chorus.

The problem lies with the verses. Do I need to play the same pattern throughout the whole song? Should I drag down the energy of the verses?

I might be speaking pure sh*t here, and if you're entirely stumped, i appreciate you trying to help, and i'll record a quick demo if it to show you.

Thanks in advance,
The rhythm is a 1/8 note + 1/16th note (Dotted 8th note: increasing the length of the original note by half its value)

You still count in 4/4 time during the chorus
"flow", "drag down the energy", "punchy"... all useless words. It's almost impossible to help unless we can actually hear what you mean. Like dudeski up there ^^ says, post a recording with some of the ideas you had for lyrics.
I think I know what you mean .. although yes, a demo would help.

Question: Do you have a vocal part for the chorus yet?

There's no reason a staccato guitar rhythm should require the whole song to stall like you describe if the other parts continue to roll on. Have a listen to the bridge in the song you posted - approx 1:53 onwards. Hear how the hi hat continues the straight quarters and the vocals have their own phrasing that extends over that same broken guitar rhythm. It flows really well and I reckon that might be the sort of vibe you're searching for. Actually that bridge would make a better chorus than one they decided on imho ..
Yeah, I think I get what you're saying and I gotta go with "Danstar's" response a bit. Perhaps instead of breaking the whole groove up, keep your backbeat going and have everything else (apart from lyrics) drop out. Have the drums accent with whatever punches the guitars are going to do using crash cymbal, bass drum or even floor tom accent, but keep that pocket beat through the going.