I'm new to recording and looking for a mic for simple/recreational recordings of acoustic guitar and vocals. I was considering purchasing an M-Audio Vocal Studio USB Microphone Package due to the fact that it also includes a sample version of ProTools, but there are not many places to purchase it.

I was wondering if any of y'all knew of a mic that comes with simple recording software. If you have any software or mic suggestions that don't come in a combo, please feel free to share also!

Looking to spend under $200. Just something for fun

Let me know if y'all have any questions.
Thanks so much!
Good software is basically free (Reaper, Garageband) but you'll need an interface for the mic. Check out these packages: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search?sB=r&Ntt=recording+package

The tascam one would be good enough for $200, if you can squeeze out the $300 for the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 MXL 990 Package then go for that instead. It'll get you off an running with some basic kit. Sure, there are weak links, but for a one-click one-price purchase, it's perfect.
I wouldn't generally recommend a USB microphone, and I know most other people on this forum wouldn't either. If you're just looking for something cheap and cheerful to do some rough demos, then a USB microphone would probably be fine. If, however, you'll be looking at upgrading in future, maybe look for bundles of microphones + interfaces, like a rode nt1a bundle, or something like this (I can't vouch for the quality of this microphone or the headphones, but this does come with Cubase) http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ScarlettStu
In terms of software, Reaper is *technically* free for non-commercial use, and is just as good as any other pro-paid-for DAW, so I'd recommend you try that.
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Go read the stickies. There are loads of recommendations there, one of which is to avoid USB mics.
Quote by GaryBillington
Go read the stickies. There are loads of recommendations there, one of which is to avoid USB mics.

We might as well just delete the forum and leave some stickies, eh?

Nowt wrong with a bit of tailored advice! This stuff is very much subjective and there's no 'right' answer so it's daft to just refer people to the same opinions over and over again.

Most audio interfaces will come with some kind of stripped-down version of popular recording software, but I wouldn't let it sway my decison. The bundled Pro Tools is beyond useless though. Studio One Artist is a joke. Sonar LE and Cubase LE aren't generally too bad.