I bought a capo from Ebay and when it showed up, I tried it on but the strings are buzzing. I was borrowing my girlfriends capo and hers doesn't allow the strings to buzz. I checked the difference and it turns out that her capo is curved whereas mine is flat. It would be fine except that the fret board is curved across the board.

Did I buy a sucky capo? Am I using it wrong? Should I send it back? Thanks a bunch.
Capos are not universal. An old school fender neck radius like 7.25" needs a different capo then a flat 15" radius Ibanez neck for example.

And yes, you most likely bought a sucky capo at which you will need to pay to return ship a cheap item and get very little money back. Eat the cost or use it on a different guitar.

Post a link to it, interested to see what you got. I can't imagine that the flatter capo you have wouldn't work on something modern, unless it is just crap or not tight enough. What is the radius of the neck?

Look at the diagram....that is probably what is happening:

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It's not a bad capo, just doesn't fit your guitar. Get one at a local store, if possible, and try it out before you buy.