Howdy folks

I've had this Line 6 Spider Valve (MKII 1x12) for a while now. Pretty happy with it but I've run into a little problem after swapping power tubes and a speaker. The amp's volume has been reduced pretty significantly. I have to crank the master to get the thing at a reasonable volume. Channel volumes on the patches seem to be working normally even in manual mode. I did a factory reset on it yesterday which fixed the problem for a while but it returned and now resetting does nothing.

Any other SV users run into this problem? FWIW the speaker I installed works with my other amps so I'm pretty sure it's not the culprit. Also, I biased the tubes.
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If a factory reset fixed it for a while, the problem is software related. You're on your own, man. Sorry.
Yeah I had a SV for several years you will have to take it to a authorized repair shop for any thing software related.
And this in a nutshell explains why I don't like computerised amplifiers. Give me something I can fix myself every time. **** this high tech bollocks.

Says the man with a MIDI compatible tube amp.
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Well, I decided to double check everything just to make sure I didn't muck something up. Speaker is good but when I checked the bias one of the power tubes drifted way out of range for some reason. Didn't seem normal so I swapped them out for another set of 6L6s, rebiased and it seems to have fixed the problem.

Or it just fixed on its own and the computer is messed up. That's more likely