Hey guys

So my dad and I tried modding my wah pedal with this tutorial here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Foot-on-pedal-True-Bypass-crybaby-wah-mod/

So we wired everything up as best as we could, but when we tested it, It had become a volume pedal. We restored it to how it was, but it still functioned as a volume pedal.

We sent it to our electronics friend, and he checked everything, we replaced the circuit board and rewired everything as it was. But now when I turn on the pedal it affects the sound, but rocking the wah doesn't make any difference at all. When I turn it on it becomes really trebly, as if your toe is down. We partially solved one problem but now there is no sweep. Any idea what we might have done wrong?

The pedal is a Dunlop Crybaby 2013 model with a 2003 era crybaby circuit board.

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Hmmm... This is an interesting problem. What happened the first time (when it was functioning as a volume pedal) is that the 4.7uf capacitor got lifted somehow. When I modified my crybaby I used a toggle switch that lifts that cap, so I can toggle between a wah and a volume pedal, actually a pretty cool mod.

With your second problem: I'm not absolutely certain what's wrong, but I have an idea. Try resoldering your 0.01uf capacitor and see if that fixes it. That cap controls the sweep range, and if it's got a cold solder joint or something that could be your problem there.