I have a Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter, and I use it for multiple songs I have written. But, the settings are different for every song. Is there some sort of device I can use to pre-set the settings on the pedal and easily switch between said presets for a concert? Or am I going to have to lean over and change the settings for every song? thanks in advance. ~
Either buy more PH-3s (or any other Phaser out there) or find a setting that works for all songs. You'll probably find that when recording in a studio you want very specific rate settings, but live you can get away with one, as the crowd aren't going to notice as you do.
sorry but the the other post is right. that pedalisn't designed for midi control so manually changing the settings is the only way. I'd suggest perhaps trying to design your set list so that you can play songs with the same or very similar settings together to cut down on having to change settings constantly. I'd also see if I could find a compromise setting that will do the trick for the most songs. I'm a phaser user myself but tend to set it one way.
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Maybe checkout something like the Eventide Modfactor or Strymon Mobius or Empress Phaser.
They have Midi control and tap tempo which would allow you to do what you want in one pedal.

However for the price of those you could probably get a couple of extra used Boss PH-3s (or similar)