To start, I just purchased a Radial Big shot ABY. Nothing wrong with the pedal, I think its more something wrong with me. I have 1 2x12 and a 2x10 bass cab, One being the Vox V212NT with 16 ohms. The other is a Groove Factory GF-210BC with 8 ohms. The head I have powering this mess is the Vox Night Train 50w with 3 jacks on the back consisting of 1x8 ohm or 2x16 ohm or 16 ohm.
Now that's out of the way. Can this Big Shot switch between these 2 cabs? My reason for this is. I am running my LP through the Vox cab and then running my Baritone Tele through the Bass Cab. Please help me, mass confusion
Awesome! Thank you CorrosionMedia, completely solves my issue. Just got to return this other one and probably special order the Cab-Bone.