I can't play this cleanly
E: 15--10------10----15----10-------10---15---10--------10---15---10-------10----15---10------
B :----- ----12--------------------12--------------------12---------------------12--------------------12--
so i hope you get the pattern now, i can play it at around 130bpm, at 16th notes cleanly, but when i get to about 150bpm, whenever i move the pick up to hit the b string, i always hit the b string as i move the pickup, so i double hit it. its really annoying. Should i just mute the string with my index fretting finger or would that be called cheating? cause seriously i can play the bloody thing at 200bpm, but i just hit that extra note every time!!!!! and how am i supose to control the pick to go up at that speed like hitting the string a few times a second!!! its driving me nuts.
Get it right slower first. There must be a point at which you start making this mistake so figure out what speed that is and concentrate on getting it right there. Figure out why it's going wrong; are you too tense, are your movements too big? Not big enough?

The real thing is you need to correct this at a speed where you can really control what you're doing, which is likely to be much slower than you think it is because it needs to be a speed at which you are not simply relying on muscle memory. Then, at this speed, you need to run it until you don't have to think about what you're doing at all; the process of playing this lick shouldn't take you any thought about the individual notes at all. Then you'll be ready to try and speed it up again.

This is something you might have to do a few times, refining your technique every time so you end up playing it really well, because at the end of the day that's what enables you to play it at speed.
Thanks you helped but I solved it easily, I lowered my action, it seems when I push down the e string, it lowers it quite a bit so when I move up to pick the b string, the b dtring is a lot higher than he e so I hit it, here is slight strig buzz but I can play it very fast now.