To give you some back-story, I played classical guitar from the age of 4-11 and then stopped due to moving around a bit and just not continuing. I'm now 21 and in the past 6 months or so I've been working my way through the Beginner's course on JustinGuitar. I think it's a great site and I can play all of the chords and strumming patterns so far no problem.

My problem relates to something I'm anticipating in the future though. Because I'm a leftie that plays right handed...

Playing right handed has always felt natural to me so the thought had never crossed my mind until I read an article the other day that said if you're using your weak hand to play more advanced stuff, you have far less control and therefore you're at a disadvantage.

Since reading this article (which went into a lot more depth than I've just said), I've seriously started having subliminal doubts in my ability and I'm worried that I'm handicapping myself by continuing to play right-handed. I mean sure, I can play open chords and simple strumming patterns for now but when it comes to more intricate picking or strumming techniques, am I going to struggle?

I just wanted advice really. I own an electric at the moment but am thinking of investing in an electro-acoustic for more rhythm based stuff so now's the time to decide really before I spend more money. Should I stick with the way I've been learning all my life and just work super hard on my weak hands technique or do I wipe the slate clean and start a fresh? I've tried flipping my guitar round and seeing what it would be like to play left handed and it obviously feels a bit weird and unnatural (probably more to do with the guitar shape and strings being the wrong way though).

However, if I "air-strum" without a guitar, my left hand feels a lot tighter and more controlled than when I do it with my right hand which is what worries me if that extra control is going to help for the future...

I might be getting worked up over nothing but it would be great to have some re-assurance if anyone else has been in the same boat. I would really prefer to stick to right-handed but I don't want to waste my time now if I'm going to hit a skill cap later. I'm just about to start on Scales and stuff in the next stage of my course so that could be the challenge I need to get past before making up my mind.

Oh and I'm not planning on playing professionally or anything like that but I would like to become a really decent player before I get any responses along the lines of "you'll be fine as long as you only plan on playing around a campfire"

Thanks in advance.
I was born a lefty, but had an accident (fell into a bonfire and burnt the bejeesus out of my left hand) when I was learning to write in school, so I was forced to learn right handed. Since then I still write (scrawl) right handed and favour my right for most things, including guitar. I don't feel that it has hampered me in anyway.

So if you feel fine playing right handed stay with it, if you really want to switch or try to switch I would recommend trying to hire a left handed guitar for a week or two and see what you think, buying a decent one could prove an expensive mistake, or if you have a spare guitar restring it and see what you think, i'd try to hire a proper one tho.
Basically: handedness doesn't make any difference later on down the line. It might make some things feel more natural at first but there is so much learning and practice required to achieve any real kind of skill that it doesn't matter how you start out.

Also, to really put your fears to rest about developing serious chops: Michael Angelo Batio, while I don't like his playing at all, is left handed and generally plays right handed. He's not alone either, there are plenty of seriously good players who are playing with the "wrong" hands.

Also, I would seriously advise going right handed anyway, the selection of lefty guitars is still so small that if you have a choice then right handed is really the way to go.
Learning to play guitar left-handed only has disadvantages. The main one being that 99% of all guitars are right-handed. So the range of choice you have by playing left-handed is extremely limited. See a guitar you really like at the store? Chances are, they come right-handed only.

It sucks, but that's just the way things are. And it isn't exclusive to guitars, it's been the case with virtually all stringed musical instruments throughout history.

The amount of time and dedication needed to learn how to play guitar decently will make any sense of the guitar feeling foreign in one orientation over the other irrelevant in the long term. Your body will learn itself out of any problems with enough practice.
I'm a lefty that plays righty.

It didn't bother me when I was playing classical. I only ever got up to stuff like Canarios before my teacher had to stop teaching but I never felt like it would hamper me.

Wasn't Danny Gatton left handed? He could hybrid pick like you wouldn't believe. Don't worry about it.
I think Noel Gallagher is a lefty but plays the guitar right handed. And as T00DEEPBLUE said, you'll have alot better selection in guitars if you play right handed. They are generally cheaper too.
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I think Noel Gallagher is a lefty but plays the guitar right handed.

aw come on, we're trying to help him here.
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aw come on, we're trying to help him here.

I know he's not that good, I was just trying to think of someone. BB King was left handed but played right also, correct?

Point is, it shouldn't matter how you play it. Just whatever feels comfortable for you.
Before you learn how to play guitar, the tasks required by each hand are equally foreign. I'm a lefty that has always played "right-handed." However, I made that decision because as a child, I thought the fret-board task seemed like the more difficult of the two and thought that having my "good" hand there made sense. Who's to say I'm not playing "left-handed" after all?
^^ I just couldn't resist. I like oasis

But yeah there are a bunch of left-handers who learnt right-handed. I'm not left-handed so I dunno. I'd say do whichever feels right. if you don't notice any difference, learn right-handed. if you do, maybe learn left-handed.
I am a left handed person, but I personally prefer playing the guitar right-handed. I learned to play left handed though