Ok, so its not really fancy. I recently acquired a 1984 Boss DM-2. So it has the MN3205 chip.

The Interesting thing I found was the Boss Area site says the pedal run ended in February of 1984. But when I looked up on the Boss Serial Decoder my serial number came up as March 1984. Probably meaningless but I thought it was cool. Now for pics!

The delay sounds awesome. Very warm and has some of the coolest oscillation effects Ive used. I was honestly going to resell this, but after playing it, I may keep it. My Carbon Copy has longer delays, but isnt as warm. The DM-2 has to be the most organic delay I have played. I cant wait to get this to the practice space to play its through the JCM
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It's simple really, your pedal doesn't actually exist.

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Ok guys just got done playing through my JCM2000 DSL100 and I love it even more. The repeats are kinda of dirty. And there is a definite tone coloring coming from this pedal. It seems to take away some of the presence of the guitar. But my JCMs presence knob can easily fix that. Overall I have to say this is one of the best analog delays Ive played. It is NOT as versatile as my carbon copy, BUT, what it does, it does better than the Carbon Copy.

Oh, did I mention this was given to me as a gift from a friend at work? He had no idea what it was, and didnt want it. I offered him 50 bucks for it, but he refused. I still, kinda feel bad... Kinda.