Hi all,

I'd appreciate some feedback on this latest song, which is a rework of a previous recording:


I think I'm starting to get a good sound. There are the usual performance issues (especially from a drumming perspective), and the chorus always reminded me of Creed haha. Still, I always kind of liked this one and I'm digging the upgraded recording.

I'll be sure to get around to commenting on your work asap. Thanks!
Guitars sound good, what did you use to record them? The mix is pretty balanced, drums could be tighter as you said, but keep it up and they will. I kind of miss some of the high end on guitars, but they sound pretty tight as they are. I enjoyed it, do you have lyrics for it? I'd be glad if you could check this out!
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Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments!

aaron aardvark: Dunno, Creed seem like a pre-Nickelback but I think it's mostly due to their self-seriousness. I think most would agree the songwriting of Tremonti and crew was fairly inscrutable, though.

Painkiller: Thanks! I don't get fancy with mics, so I just plugged my Marshall head's emulator line into Reaper and used a Metal Muff for distortion. The drums are always a struggle for me, but I enjoy progressing on them as I push myself with the songs. I don't have lyrics, because I'm (so far) incapable of crafting or executing a melodic vocal line, but we'll see what happens.

Visceration: I thought I'd mixed the bass toward the forefront, but maybe that's just my speaker system. I'm tempted to add some gain to dirty it up a bit, though.
I think that there are some timing issues here and there. People tell me I'm really sensitive to timing though.

I like the guitars, and the drums are mixed well. I like the chord changes, you've got some cool chords and licks in there. Are you playing both parts? If so, cool. You're good on both instruments. I can't hear much bass though.

I think that it's a great foundation for a cool song but it definitely is crying out for vocals.

If you get stuck for lyrics Just PM me the structure and I'll happily have a go at writing some lyrics for you. I like doing stuff like that.

Here's my song, check it out if you get a minute.

Thanks for the offer! I'm going to play around with vocal lines to see what might mesh. Yes, I'm playing the guitar/bass/drums. However, I'm trying to get more proficient with Hydrogen because, as fun as drums can be to play, I am very inconsistent. I have a friend who I send tracks to so he can add drums, though. Hopefully he'll take a stab at this one soon. Here's one we worked on together: