I think I'm gonna pick up a Sparkle Drive. But then I saw the Mod.

Question #1:
How close does the "regular" setting on the Mod sound like the original?

Question #2:
I'm going to get an EHX Soul Food to use with it. I'm going to the SD as a clean boost for the SF and vice versa. Would this sound good?

Thanks in advance.
i am a general fan of voodoo lab. i have the proctavia and microdrive and have used them for a long time. the mod i am sure an improvement, but if you want to go cheap, maybe the regular sparkledrive may be clearanced out.


i have played the old version, but not the new.

go see if a local store has one in stock. or go from GC and use their 30 day return policy.
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They're the same price from what I've seen...

eventually they will phase out the old model. if you wait. i would just find one used or get the new one.

i am sure the new one is probably more versatile, but that doesn't always better, but usually are.
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I'm playing a Fender Telecaster HH through a Mustang III (Twin preset.)

i am not familiar with the mustang, or really any modeling amp, but they weren't 'built' (using term loosely) for taking pedals. they have the tone in the amp. a one stop shop type. you would likely be best of getting a tube amp and putting money into a pedal.