hey guys this is the first poem im posting up here. I wrote this one a little while back. Just a little insight, I became obsessed with a girl. I have depression and I eventually convinced myself that this girl was my last chance at happiness, but what ended up happening was the more I wanted to be with her, the more she wanted to be away from me. The worst part was that I didnt realize the situation until my friends started to step in saying I need to stop talking to her. Shortly after that I wrote this, and another one which Ill post as a response to keep them seperate.

She can't talk to me
And then when I talk to her
She makes me feel worthless
She treats me like I'm a ****ing animal
Like I can't control myself
Like I have no handle on my life
But I have no handle on my life
And I can't control myself
Because I'm a ****ing animal
And then when I talk to her
She makes me feel worthless
That's why I can't talk to her
Where did you go?
Why did you leave me here alone?
There's so much I wish I could tell you right now
Like how I miss you
How much you made my life worth living
How much you really mean to me
And that song I heard the other day that reminded me of you
How everything actually reminds me of you
How much our friendship meant to me
How your smile sent chills down my spine
How your voice made everything okay
How it felt to be drug along like a puppet
Begging like a dog for attention
How it felt to know that
After I was lead on
I was the crazy one.
How are all my problems because of you?
I alone F***ed everything up
You are the reason I hurt myself
and I hate myself
You made me do it
Because I'll never be good enough
You were the reason I stayed alive
But now you will be the reason I will die
If only you could know...