Hey everyone! I'm a musician and mechanical engineer working on designing and building an all steel guitar stand, and I'm looking to get some feedback.

-Price $200 with shipping
-Makes your guitar STAND OUT with all steel design
-Aesthetically pleasing- Piece of Art holding your Guitar
-AISI 1020 Cold Rolled Steel (Total weight ~8lbs)
-HIGH Wear BLACK Gloss Powder Coat Finish
-Clear Coat Finish to protect against scratching
-3 Piece friction fit assembly

Thoughts about price and design?
Yeah we've laser cut a few out and they all work perfect. Question really is, are people interested in a nicer guitar stand that they get to walk past every day, or do people not really care?
Personally (and I think a lot of people will agree) $200 is at least four times more than I'd be willing to pay for a guitar stand. The most expensive one I have is a little collapsible stand that I think was around $30. I also use 2 wall hangers that were probably around $10 - $15.

The design is cool, nice and sleek, but I personally wouldn't want one. For displaying the guitar at the house you can't beat wall hangers - saves space and looks good.
Fair enough. Thought was that if you had a +$1000 guitar and wanted a step up from a $10 dollar wall hangar, could be a nice addition to the room that really shows off the guitar.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive.
I'll give you $20 and a half eaten sandwich.
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No but seriously, that's very expensive. 100 max, but I'd say you'd sell more if you went down to 50, but it depends on how expensive production is.
well there are plenty of rich people who buy guitars as little more than decoration, so you'd surely sell some if you offered a good product
I wouldn't pay good money for a stand that didn't have the pressure grip clip like on Hercules stands though

also I feel the intersecting pieces at the base make it look a lot less sleep and like some cheap self-assembly furniture, perhaps find a way to make that more seamless
if you're selling this thing as a luxury product it needs to be spot on

also this isn't the place for your market research, this is the off-topic forum
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