Please forgive me for all of my confusion. So I am starting to get rack gear. I'm going to try to make this as organized as possible.

Gear I have now:
RG1003 100 watt head
RG412 200 watt cab

Gear I'm getting:
AKG WMS 40 Wireless system
Vox stomplab 2G
Musicians Gear Power conditioner
ART EQ351 Equalizer

How it will be set up:
AKG&Vox-front of amp
ART-effects loop.

Now someone told me something about a power amp. Don't know if I'll bother but I just am curious. Now say I got one. For example a Samson servo 200. How would someone set it up in the rack? Do you need a head for it (can I run the Vox into the effects loop, to the power amp?). Should I be concerned with impedence and wattage? Is it beneficial? Like I said before, I don't think I'll worry about it, it just in case. Sorry for my confusion and the length. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.
Considering you're using a guitar amp already, I would see no benefit in a power amp.

You could run the stomplab through it if it has a line out, and you could run the fx loop out into the amp as well, again if it's a line output.

Impedance wouldn't be a problem in any case, though with solid state power amps the output power (theoretically) halves if youu double the impedance load, so say if you plug a 200w power amp which states "min 4ohm" into a 16ohm cab input, you get around 50w.
Is there a considerable tonal difference compared to running the pedal through the effects return?
If ya gonna go rack then might consider the gmajor2 for fx solution, that & the fcb1101 footcontroller would pair well & just oe cable upfront for it since your going wireless.
Quote by AOD3
Is there a considerable tonal difference compared to running the pedal through the effects return?
It'll sound a bit less like it's passing through a guitar power amp, but just a bit 'cause that amp's power amp isn't much coloring anyway.

Depending on your tastes it may sound better, worse, or the same.

Also I don't really think you need a g-major.
I don't really think you need a new fx processor at all.

If you do feel like dropping money on something, get a quadraverb 2.
I'm a little confused on how you'll be using things.

Are you going to be using the Amp Modeling of the Vox? Or are you going to be using the Pre-Amp of your RG1003 and just some effects from the Vox?

If you're just using effects from the Vox and still want to use the Pre-Amp (i.e. distortion - that's what these RG's do well) of your RG1003 you may as well just use the Power Amp of the RG1003 as well. I don't see much sense in running Guitar > Wireless > Vox > Input of RG1003 > FX Send to Power Amp > Power Amp to Cabinet. That just seems silly unless you really don't like the power section of the RG1003.

If you're using Amp Modeling from the Vox then you could just run the Vox output into the FX loop of the RG1003 bypassing the RG1003 Pre-amp completely. If you are going this way then getting a rack power amp and ditching the RG1003 completely makes some sense for convenience sake. So the path would be either Guitar > Wireless > Vox > FX Return of RG1003 > Cabinet OR Guitar > Wireless > Vox > Power Amp > Cabinet

I'd say it all depends on what gear you want to generate what sounds. Make sense?
I mean no offense by asking this, but do you understand what a power amp is and what it is used for? Getting an additional power amp is something that isn't really a part of your basic guitar rig. They're most often used with a separate preamp to effectively create a complete guitar amp. But you already have an amp, so are you looking at building a secondary amp rig, or do you mean to use the power amp with your current amp? Because unless you're after something very specific and you know what you're doing, I see no reason why you would need a power amp in that setup.
See the whole power amp thing was just random questions. Forget that. I'd like to use the preamp of the randall. Although I didn't think I could do that. Because I want a chorus and a separate eq on the clean channel (used with vox) but I'd have to switch two pedals (vox and randall footawitch) at once and I don't want to do that. Is there a solution to hook both up to one pedal?
Quote by AOD3
Is there a considerable tonal difference compared to running the pedal through the effects return?

yes, though it is much more of a noticeable difference if you are distorting the amplifier instead of running distortion pedals.

the effects loop just basically allows you to run the effects after the amp's distortion.

most newer multi effects units allow you to run it before amp AND in the effects loop, this would allow you to place the effect wherever you want.

the stomplab doesn't seem to support that
So sorry. I forgot. There's a lexicon mx200 for reverb and compressors.