I like the song. It's definitely got a very 80's feel to it! I think that the guitars sound a little bit too lo-fi for my liking, maybe it's the amount of the reverb that is pulling it back a bit. I like the guitar tone though.

I feel that the solo, especially at the beginning gets lost a little in the mix.

I like the main riff a lot. The only thing I would say is that I think the theme of 'rock & roll/rollin' has been done a little bit to death now but it does fit with the period that you're going for, so it's cool really.

Nice lead work on the solo.

Thanks for the comment! I agree that the mastering could use some work. The mix sounded absolutely fine. The mastering in my opinion downgraded the quality of the song. There's nothing we could do to change it because there was some issues from management. I totally agree on the overuse of rock 'n roll as title (and lyrics). Hopefully we will enter the studio soon. New stuff sounds more modern and catchier/melodic.
Hey, I gave it a listen and it definitely sounds vintage haha that's a good thing I think, but it's got too much overall gain, who mastered the track? Mastering aside, I definitely dig the sound of the guitars with the bass+drums, sounds very tight and the singer nails it! Great job man! I would appretiate if you could give this a listen!
Yes, the guy had the gain at 7 on an orange th30 and tracked 3 rhythm guitar tracks (Left, center and right). The person who mixed it and the person who mastered it is not the same person. Usually someone else mastering the songs is the better choice but it came back worse.
that guy sounds way older! Haha
Buts its reeeeeally cool! Really solid sound and know exactly how to get it so, congratz! Haha
Reaaaally good vocals, man.
Again, you know what sound you wanted and you knew how to get it.
Sounds like 80's metal! Audio quality could be better, but the song itself is quite good, I like the guitar riffs, and the vocals are very good! I played at the Sunset Strip (at Gazzarri's) in Hollywood in 1984, where many famous bands have played before & after. Hey! Please review my music at this link (I might be trapped in the 80's myself):

Holy crap! And I thought the bands that played these kinds of 80s songs were dead! Haha
Pretty damn goob job! As the others said above, the audio quality from the guitar could be better, it's a little bit too bassy, but other than that, the sound is perfect. Vocals remembered me of Van Halen's band in its early stages Also, around 2:40 I thought we'd have a mix of Van Halen + AC/DC haha

Please, critic back on: