this is my first post in the forums so I hope it's in the right place .

My band is called Cyber Hate from Croatia. It's an industrial/groove metal band.

Cyber Hate was founded in the summer of 2012. Originally called Cyber
Hell, the band consisted of four members: Marko Lovrić, Lovre Petrić,
Jerolim Kinda and Dean Cvjetanović.

In early 2013, the band recorded a demo containing six tracks. During
that same year an EP titled "Synthetic Evolution" which also contained
6 songs was also recorded and has sold several hundred copies. The
idea of the band was to create a sound that is not so widely popular
among Croatian bands, namely - a mix of modern and industrial metal.

During 2013, Jerolim moved to Pula and left the band, and was replaced
by Kristijan Bajlo on bass. The band had performances and gigs the
following year mainly in their hometown of Zadar, promoting their
In 2014. guitarist Lovre Petrić started college in the city of Zagreb
and left the band, and has been replaced by Vladimir Gundić. During
this time the band recorded a couple of music videos that can be seen
on their Youtube channel. Meanwhile, Kristijan Bajlo moved from bass
guitar to electric guitar and Kristijan Šarić joined the band fulfilling
bass duties.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CyberHateZd

I hope you guys/girls like it
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Greetings once again friends!

Sorry if this counts as 'bumping' but I'd thought you'd like to see a behind the scenes video for our upcoming song 'Cyborg Creation'. The songs in the video are our own, Cosmic Flow and Mind Frenzy respectively.

Thanks for viewing!


(edit: forgot to put the Youtube link )
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Hey again! Here's a (not so quality) video of us playing Fusion Gate last year. We're gonna play at the same festival this year, this time on a Friday at 11pm, which is a pretty great time to play

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I'm not sure if it was intended, but it reminds me of Rammstein. Pretty good sound!

That's one of our influences, thanks!
Good news everyone!
We're officially part of the Miner Recordings family! Our band is next in line to print our CD and booklet of our album Beyond Human (you could say it's a reissue )
It's a small independent label, but we are very excited and grateful for the opportunity!

Hey everyone!

We've been awarded 5th place on the Top 50 must have albums of 2016!
Special thanks to Balkan Metal Promotion for their outstanding support!
You can support them too by liking their page on Facebook if you want

Greetings everyone!

Our label, Miner Recordings, is organizing a gig in the city of Split, Croatia. As you can see, our band name is on the poster
Stop by if you're in the neighborhood

Hey everyone!
We got a new batch of CDs thanks to Miner Recordings! If you want one you can send us a message on Facebook! The price is 30HRK or about 5USD

Hello guys!
Check out our new song from the upcoming album " Broken Figures " !