I just bought a new bass guitar (washburn t14) and an amp (lindo-15). These are my first bought instruments. Somehow I am having problem with either one of them. I dont know which one is giving the problem as there the power light seems to be working with the amp. I am trying with two different cables but i get no sound from the amp. I also tried changing the nob's position on the bass guitar. Is it even possible for a new intrument to not work? Ineed help in this case. Please.
You can find out if it is the amp or bass this way:
Disconnect the cable from the bass, but leave it plugged into the amp.
Turn the amp on, and adjust the volume fairly low (3 or 4 is plenty).
Touch the center contact of the cable.
If you hear loud hum, it is not the amp.
If you don't hear hum, it is the amp.

Can't tell from the Washburn site if the bass needs a battery or not.
Look in the owner's manual for the bass to see.
If it does require a battery, install one - preferably a new one.
I'm pretty sure the T14 has passive pickups, so there should be no battery to replace.

The fact that you've tried two different cables should remove them from the suspect list.

The hum test above is a good idea. Another test is to find someone, anyone, with a known good electric guitar of any sort and plug it in to your amp (playing an electric guitar through a bass amp will NOT hurt the amp). If you get sound then there is an issue with your bass. If you get no sound then there is an issue with the amp.

The T14 has a P/J pickup arrangement and does not use the conventional vol-vol-tone knob arrangement. It has a blend knob instead. You'll have to figure out which knob does what. If the amp proves to be good with another guitar, a good start is to turn the amp volume all the way down and turn all 3 knobs on the bass fully on (clockwise). Then slowly turn the volume up on the amp. If you get sounds then you can start to figure out which knob does what. A Blend knob can sometimes throw you off if you're used to vol-vol-tone controls.
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A lot of times, with this problem, it is the output jack on the instrument. Check the wires connected to the jack and make sure they are all still connected. If that is not it, check to see if the spring metal contact is making contact with the tip of the cord when you insert it into the jack.

Output jacks are a pain, but anything that goes wrong with them is a quick and easy fix.